"The application of musical criteria to the organization of time. "When we slow down a sound many times, all the way below 15 cps approximately, we perceive as a series of discrete pulses. In a physical sense it remains a sound, but not for human perception. Try now to imagine an extremely slow 'sound' where the fundamental has a period of 60 minutes. The - virtual - overtones would be integer divisions of that period, i.e.: 30', 20', 15', and so on. This is the structural principle of HORA HARMONICA." (Albert Mayr). In Hora Harmonica the author transform sound in rhythm and time become music. All Mayr's work is concerned on the relationship between sound/time/environment and this electronic visionary work - realized in 1983 and only now published - represent one of his most hazardous and conceptually valid expressions. Limited edition of 500 not-numbered copies. Folded cardboard cover. 16 pages booklet, with diagram of the composition. Notes by the author in italian and english."
in stock | IT| 2002| ANTS RECORDS | 14.90

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