"SUONO AMBIENTE (SOUND ENVIRONMENT) was the title of a series of events (listening sessions, round-table discussion, concerts, exhibition) that, in 1977, I organized with ZONA, a small, informal artist's group in Florence. For the first time themes such as soundscape studies, environmental music, and the medical-social aspects of noise pollution, were dealt with together. In the same year the series was repeated, in an expanded form, at the Centro Internazionale di Brera, in Milan. SUONO AMBIENTE was also the title of a lecture I gave, in 1978, at DAMS in Bologna, which then was revised and published on cassette by Harpo's Bazaar. (With the exception of DAMS, none of those structures has survived.) What is the reason for this repêchage? If, on the one hand, the theme of the Soundscape now meets with some timid interest, on the other hand, the cultural climate in which the first studies and artistic experiences had developed now has almost completely disappeared. When, in the eighties, the death of artistic and political utopias was declared, the questions posed by the experimental avantgarde were simply put aside." AM, 2001
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