"An hommage to Giacinto Scelsi 'Prakriti' (from the Sanskrit word meaning 'nature' or 'cosmic energy'), is an exploration of nature through transformation of natural sounds and integration of them with static drones obtained mainly stretching and granulating orchestral sounds. All the sound is generated by a real time system, producing an infinite and ever-changing combination of sound events, it has been built using SuperCollider2 on an Apple Macintosh computer. Sounds from nature, recorded during a residence in Topolo, a mountain village in Italy near the Slovenian border, are metabolized, transformed, distorted, decomposed, granulated. The raw materials are transformed focusing on granules and acoustic micro-particles, on the microsound level and then mixed with orchestral sampled sounds. The author acts by controlling the evolution of the work and the generation of new sound events, mixing and spatializing their stratification, composing the silence. The enhanced CD is completed by the video "Uomini che guardano nascere" by Francesco Paladino, with the Fogar's soundtrack. An poetical elaboration of looks, restless, in a certain way. Enhanced CD, readable on any CD player - for the Audio section - and on any computer - both PC and Apple - for the Multimedia section. The Multimedia, in MPEG format, is legible with any video viewer QuickTime, Windows Multimedia Player." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2003| ANTS RECORDS | 10.90

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