"Featuring 13 tracks by the Danish musician, songwriter and performer, Alice Rose, Tales of Sailing is an eclectic mix of the electronic and acoustic, modern music with a taste of the past. Starting with the simple vocals-and-accordion sea shanty, 'A Tale of Sailing', to the dancy, 'Rare Bird' and 'Trash', the electronica of Absent Lover' and 'Dark Cloud', and the tweaked drum-n-bass of German pop song 'Schön Wäre es'-the unifying force in all of these is the achingly beautiful voice of Ms. Rose. She collaborated and co-produced with major electronic musicians Gabriel Ananda (Traum, Trapeze) and Frank Martiniq (Boxer), as well as Numinos (Warner chappel) and Electro Atomu (Pink Soc)." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2006| TENDER PRODUCTIONS | 9.90

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