""Geo-poetical" project by Electroacoustic's ensemble lays an emphasis on primitive mystery and "elusiveness" of the folklore of North-Western region of Ukraine, famous Rivne Polissya, on its "free" and at the same time very "closed" nature. "Cultural vector is nord/ouest" (G.Debord), in this piece it means not so much "natural spreading" of culture, as it means rapt "listening" to "sounds" and "signs" of nord/ouest. Structural idea of the piece is based on creating an original heterophonic ensemble, combining electronic and instrumental means with folklore material. The piece is composed by request of the Second Festival of Tradirional and Avant-Garde Music (II Festiwal Tradycji i Awangardy Muzycznej) KODY (2010, Lublin, Poland). Alla Zagaykevych (b.1966) - Ukrainian composer, she studied composition in Kyiv National Music Academy and the Institut IRCAM (Paris). List of Zagaykevych's works include symphonic, instrumental and vocal chamber music, electroacoustic compositions, multi-media installations and performances, chamber opera, music for films. Electroacoustic's Ensemble is a group of musicians, specialized in performance of electroacoustic music of different genres." (label info)
in stock | ua| 2012| NEXSOUND | 13.90

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