"And indeed this music has the radical openness, the lack of boundary, the myopic detail (eschewing grand, overarching gesture), the (perhaps subtle) intricacy (...), and the particularity that I've ascribed to the idea of ornament. ... I think Cameron's pieces are ornaments, ornamenting a music that is inaudible, that Cameron doesn't need to write. For me, Cameron's work suggests a denser construction flowing somewhere beyond/beside/before/behind the sounds she has activated." (Martin Arnold) Allison Cameron, toy piano, acolyte bells, Colleen Cook, clarinet, Carol Fujima, violin, Margaret Gay, cello, Eve Egoyan, piano, Gary Kulesha, conductor, Marc Sabat, violin, Stephen Clarke, piano, Stein forte-piano, Ronda Rindone, bass clarinet.
in stock | CA| 2001| SPOOL | 9.90

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