"owen and allison met in brooklyn in 2009 with the intention to record 5 minute 'songs'. deciding to work within this duration, they made several version's of each improvisation based on a set of changing environments for new piece. allison's instrument's included field recordings (processed and un-processed), ring-modulated sinewaves + contact mic; owen's instruments included a speaker + rose pedals, various oscillators, radio + fm transmitter and contact mic'ed surfaces + objects. the resonant pedals, feedback and shortened durations shaped the exchange that fluidly continued throughout the day. not only the attention towards time and drawing from memory of years of collaborative improvised performance, this meeting documents decisive marks each person has explored in and out of the studio. Letterpress sleeve printed by Ben Owen / Middle Press. Numbered edition of 200 copies. Co-released with Winds Measure Recordings." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2013| SENUFO EDITIONS | 13.90

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