"Altar of Flies is the new power on the Swedish noise scene, to be put on the underground throne next to Sewer Election. Altar of Flies is Mattias Gustafsson who has recorded stuff since 2006, mainly for his own cassette label Hästen & Korset but also high quality sub terrestial labels like Cipher, Husk and Nil by Mouth. "Permanent Cavity" is his first more widely distributed album release. Altar of Flies is extremely uncompromising, creating organic, dark, unpleasant extreme electronic music through tape loops, analog synths and effects. It is a very physical music that is demanding a lot from the listener. At the very same day as we received "Permanent Cavity", our pals over at Release The Bats received the amazing "Förruttnelsen" LP which is to be seen as the companion to our Altar of Flies release. So, discover the power of Altar of Flies. Cover by Daniel Fagge Fagerström (The Skull Defekts)." (label info)
in stock | SE| 2010| IDEAL RECORDINGS | 14.90

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