"Intergenerational gene-splicing from EM. Roland P. Young's Isophonic Boogie Woogie, tripped-out minimalist spiritual free jazz from 1980 (previously reissued by EM), is here mutated, masticated and machined by Altz, renowned "organic electronicist" from Osaka. Maintaining and magnifying the cosmic bliss-vibe of the original release, Altz lovingly massages Young's sounds into the year 2009 (as experienced through Altz's patented acid-disco filtration system). Sounds are layered and treated, atmospheres extended, and propulsive elements from Young's original recordings are bolstered (there is some fine drumming here from former Boredom Muneomi Senju). Altz also respects Young's more absract side, following the elder master into atmospheres of freedom, unrestrained by the gravity of the beat and the conventions of the dance floor. Rather than a mere roughshod remix, this release is a meeting, Young's San Francisco of the late seventies encountering Altz in Osaka in 2009. Young is respectfully and playfully transformed, but not trashed, and we all go home happy. All tracks produced and remixed by Altz. Mastered by Kabamix at LMD, Osaka. All sound materials and sample sources (except newly over-dubbed instruments) taken from Roland P. Young's masterpiece recordings Isophonic Boogie Woogie." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2009| EM RECORDS | 13.90

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