"the record you are holding in your hands is a previously unheard masterpiece of israeli multimedia artist ami shavit. as a professor of both philosophy and art and established kinetic artist in the 1970s shavit was fascinated with new and interactive technologies. while mostly focusing on visual art and mixed-media installations, a trip to new york in 1972 introduced him to synthesizers and triggered his curiosity to do some explorations into the world of music or "sound" as he preferred to call it. ami's research was focused on the concept of meditative music that would help people to relax and create a cosy mood associated to the alpha brain waves and biofeedback. before starting his artistic career, like all israeli citizens, he had to serve in the army to his personal regret. shavit had an operational position, which meant a high probability to get involved in a so called 'hot situation'. when in 1973 the yom kippur war broke out, ami was enlisted again and got the unfortunate opportunity to encounter, in hanoch levin's words 'the dead'. being an operation officer he was in charge of evacuating israeli wounded officers from battlefields to hospitals. some 6000 injured men passed through us during that war, he recalled one year later in a newspaper interview. yom kippur is the final and seminal of shavit's sound experiments ever recorded and now finally available to the world. we believe that this is an extraordinary strong piece in which the hectic moods and terrific experiences of war are deeply transmitted to the listener." (label info)
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in stock | BE| 2019| SUB ROSA | 16.90

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