"Having re-located to Brooklyn NY from the relatively mild temperatures of Portland, OR during the snowiest winter in over twenty years has given Anderegg plenty of time to hibernate over this intensely beautiful selection of tracks. Combining field recordings, electronics and good old-fashioned instruments like the guitar and piano, Anderegg has created an album that defies any silly genre restrictions. From the catchy piano melodies of the opening track to microscopic tape cut ups of 'historical figures' to the subtle arrangements in the albums title track 'Anomia' Anderegg's second full length finds him widening his palette and truly coming into his own. While seemingly more accessible then his previous effort 'When rectangles roll under cities', 'Anomia' is an extremely intricate album that will only reveal it's true complexity given repeated listening."
in stock | US| 2003| APESTAARTJE | 13.90

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