"André Chini, a Frenchman by birth but living in Sweden for many years now, has always been critical of his former compatriots' nuclear weapons tests, and his Mururoa violin concerto was written in protest against them already in 1989. "Nils-Erik Sparf is a brilliant soloist and the music is innocently beautiful, like a South Sea atoll," one review wrote, "but lurking round the corner is the wicked fairy." This record mirrors a composer of many parts who can also create music full of fun and games, as for example in "Trälåda", in which a prelude to the children's ballet "How the Elephant Got Its Trunk" is expanded into a full-scale composition for the Kroumata percussion ensemble." (label info) Contains compositions from 1983 to 1993.
in stock | SE| 1995| PHONO SUECIA | 8.90

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