"Quasi Pop is proud to present the first full-length CD release by Norwegian noise artist Andreas Brandal. He has been making music with various bands and projects since the late 80's and released a several 7" and LPs on famous Norwegian label Smalltown Supersound as solo artist, as well as a participant of improv-noise duo Larmoyant. Andreas is also known as an active live performer, he has various live collaborations and recordings with different artists, such as Merzbow, Bruce Russell (The Dead C), Jon Hegre (Jazzkammer), Kjetil D. Brandsdal (Noxagt), Maja Ratkje (Spunk, Fe Mail), Zbigniew Karkowski and others. "Drive Home With A Hammer" represents the powerful and impressive audio work, created with a both vintage analogue equipment and modern computer tools. The album sounds very deep, organic structured and "analogue", because of hisses, brutal tape loops and "glitches" are the constant ingredients of Andreas output. The structure of tracks is clear and irregular at the same time, the music flows freely, but not quiet, because it is created with both composition and improvisation methods. Comes in nice digipack sleeve, numbered edition of 500 copies." (label info) special offer.
in stock | UA| 2005| QUASI POP | 8.90

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