""Bell's Breath" transforms the tolling of the bells in the Ulm Minster into a work of sound art. This project by Andreas Usenbenz was created for the 125th anniversary of the minster spire's completion and was presented in the form of an audio installation inside the minster in the fall of 2015. "Bells Breath" strips away that function, creating a new form of auditory experience. The moment of the bell tolling has been recorded, the tone stretched and the individual tones are layered on top of each other. The sound installation was situated on the ground floor inside the minster, beneath the bell frame. Usenbenz recorded the bells using a wide spaced A - B pair with omni directional DPA microphones, a Sennheiser ORTF setup and contact microphones mounted directly to the bells or their direct environment. The bells where rung by the Sacristan. Additionally, Usenbenz played them with different props to tease very specific sounds out of the bells. No additionally sounds were used in these compositions." (label info) transparent clear vinyl, mastered by Stephan Mathieu, comes with four art prints on heavy weight paper, download code included
in stock | DE| 2017| KLANGGOLD | 16.90

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