"In the new album I choose piano as the main and solo instrument and wanted to make it sound in minimalist, melodic and overtone way. So, when I had some amount of free time in rehearsal rooms of Stockholm's student chummery I started to make first piano sketches. After those sessions and also collecting piano outlines I made later in Kharkov I decided to continue with an appropriate jazz attribute - drums. After few unsuccessful conversations with local drummers I decided to ask Jason Kahn and Martin Brandlmayer for their participation as I really appreciate their stuff and approach. After their part was done I still had some tracks that wished to have a percussion part too, so I decided to try that out myself and bought a snare and a set up of cymbals. By that time I had wonderful field recordings of insects I made on half-island of Crimea (Ukraine) and they fitted very well with the rest and also with my usual instruments: guitar, glockenspiel, mouth harmonica, auto-harp, Tibetan bowls and objects." (A. Kiritchenko)
in stock | JP| 2008| SPEKK | 15.90

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