"Berlin's Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra returns with its fourth album "Vula". Having celebrated their 10-year anniversary with a stunning series of concerts last year, the 18-piece's new full-length showcases a stronger focus on harmony and melody - and yet AMEO sound no less explosive or unpredictable than before. It arrives gently, with shimmering lights, soft winds, sashaying melodies, and of course, the isotherms and isotheres function just as they should: All of a sudden, lighting strikes amid the concord of instruments, unforeseen energies erupt and upset the rhythmic scenery with elemental force. Making a combined effort to create sheltering patches of harmony within the unfolding drama, leader Daniel Glatzel and his 18-piece "working band" set out to harness album #4." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2017| ALIEN TRANSISTOR | 22.90

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