""Vision Vulkano" documents two performances by the Düsseldorf-based artists Angela Fette and Christian Jendreiko, made during their collaborative show at Kunstverein Schwerte "Orakel Konkret" in spring 2011. The A-side contains "Orakel Konkret", a live recording of an action commissioned for the opening. Christian Jendreiko plays a vintage Vibraphone and Angela Fette performs as a blindfolded oracle. The B-side is a spontaneous playful dialogue between the artists, playing with the terminology of will and imagination in their positive and negative variations. "Yes, I am able to envision this". "No, I am not able to envision this". And so on, deliberately changing perspectives and moods. The 15-minute-long piece is reminiscent of Beuys' classic/infamous performance piece, "Jaa, Jaa. Nee, Nee.". The front cover and labels present views of the exhibition." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2011| APPARENT EXTENT | 16.90

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