"Mambo Mange is the eponymous 4th & final album by a fine NY ensemble who unfortunately imploded at the peak of their game. Originally fronted by twin femme vocalists Lizzi Bougatsos (Gang Gang Dance) & celebrated visual artist Rita Ackermann, for what would be the band's final foray, the duo enlisted Anders Nilsson (Aorta), Matt Heyner (NNCK), Dave Nuss (NNCK) & Brian DeGraw (Gang Gang Dance, Cranium). Ackermann's Yoko Ono-inspired freak-outs, feline growls & orgasmic yodels and Bougatsos' breathy wordless space panting over Matt 'the Count' Heyner's seriously beefy power chords, Nilsson's sinewy solos, DeGraw's bass thump & Nuss' propulsive drumming made for the most thoroughly realized vision of Angelblood's art + metal sound. It was a risky proposition to begin with (who can get by playing heavy metal in Chelsea art galleries?) but goddamn if this isn't great music." (label info)
in stock | US| 2007| LOCUST | 9.90

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