""tribute to calcium" is the first solo-release on vinyl by anla courtis, founding member of the reynols, who released numerous records on labels such as trente oiseaux, drone records and beta-lactam ring records. after the bands' life-cycle came to an end in early 2004, courtis concentrated on his solo works and collaborations with lasse marhaug, kawabata makoto or culver (recently on riot season). (label info) "tribute to calcium is a piece in two parts that explores the harmonic resonances generated by the amalgam of electric guitar and toba violin (a one-stringed instrument made with cans by native argentinian indians of the north-east region). this work brings to light a singular sound alchemy that combines: electric-waterfalls, wide-spectrum-drones and just-intonation-entropy. a real journey to re-discover calcium molecules through modern noise-shamanism." (a. courtis) numbered edition of 500 copies, with insert. special offer!
in stock | DE| 2005| TONSCHACHT | 3.90

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