"Anna Järvinen's debut album "Jag fick feeling" ("I Got Feeling") received a substantial amount of attention when it was released in October 2007. The follow-up "Man var bland molnen" ("One Was Among the Clouds") is produced and recorded by Gustav Ejstes (from the band Dungen), who also plays a variety of instruments on the album. Other musicians are Reine Fiske, Fredik Swahn, Johan Holmegard, Leo Svensson, Mattias Bergqvist and Anders Nygårds. The collaboration with Dungen was initiated already on Anna's first record where they participated on the main part of the album. Concerning the choice of Ejstes as producer, Anna says in Sonic Magazine (Sweden) that "nobody has like Gustav, silently and immediately, understood my music. I wanted to try and leave the songs with him so he could put his mark on and in them." Seldom have we seen such a break-through for an artist on a small label in Sweden, as with the release of "Jag fick feeling"." (label info)
in stock | SE| 2009| HÄPNA | 12.90

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