"«poor literature», that's how french sound poet anne-james chaton calls trivial worka- day texts like receipts, metro tickets, newspaper headlines and so on. he collects these kind of texts for years now, always on certain «événements» - media-related occasions which are of particular interest. chaton converts them into music. on raster-noton, he releases his événements n° 20 to 28, which deal with, among others, the investiture of barack obama or michael jackson's death. the fragments of literature and their musical arrangement remind, due to their preci- sion, of the performance of a human beat boxer. chaton cuts, loops and samples the spoken texts and assembles them into staccato-like and hypnotising tracks. the text itself is treated like an instrument; its repetition, its inner rhythmic condense the song and push it. apparently random chosen phrases are isolated and their original message is transformed, their former simple meaning is extended" (label info)
in stock | DE| 2011| RASTER-NOTON | 16.90

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