"Annelies always has had the urge to record many versions of one song and then remaining deeply in doubt which version to chose. For this release she did not chose. (Though this is not completely true - there are still more versions of the song - including an acapella version) She was interested in how different arrangements, tempo's, melodies and structures changed the expressive and aesthetic qualities of the song, convinced that no version is more 'essential' or 'authentic' than the other. On the B-side, Richard Youngs offers a unique 9 minutes piece. With only guitars and vocals, "Be brave, this world" focuses on endless loops and a very specific rhythm that gives a fascinating, almost psychedelic feel. All through the track, the filtered guitar sways like a backwash, pounds a pulsatile rhythm, alternately sharp and oppressive or more of a thud, giving an impression of overwhelming and unpredictable swirl. Almost mantra vocals invariably support its fluctuations in a monotone, just like useless incentives in a dying world. Simply enchanting!" (label info) Numbered edition of 521 copies, with download code.
in stock | CH| 2011| THREE:FOUR RECORDS | 12.90

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