"All music by Guerra / Earle, recorded in Newtown, Sydney, December 2003 to May 2004. Anthony Guerra works with electric guitar and electronics. he has recorded 2 solo albums and a number of collaborative releases with Joel Stern, Michael Rodgers (as Broken Hands), Dean Roberts (smaal guitar part on Acoustic Daughters cd), Margarida Garcia, Paul Hood, Matthew Nidek and Matthew Earle for labels including Impermanent, Touch, L'Innomable, Absurd and Table of the Elements. He also co-runs the record label TwoThousandAnd with Michael Rodgers. Working with minimal means Matthew Earle creates radically stripped back sound, improvised composition with blank media. Co-founder of improvising psychadelic rock outfit the Minerals in the mid 90s with Adam Rashied, he is currently playing in Stasis Duo with Adam Sussmann. He regularly collaborates with other improvising musicians and has toured through Japan playing the meeting at 'Off site' series solo 2003 and Cafe Futuro with Koike Toshihiro, Ezaki Masafumi & Takashi Kojime." (label info) Limited edition of 150 copies.
in stock | SI| 2005| L'INNOMABLE | 4.90

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