""11 Heldengesänge und 3 Gedichte" was privately published by Anton Bruhin in 1977 as a luxury 2x10" box. This unique and imaginistic sound poetry work has been issued on LP by alga marghen for the VocSon series and is now available for distribution for the first time ever. It's a sound poem which takes us into a medieval world of minstrels and errant knights, a phantasmagoria in text and sound. It is also a modern document of the not-yet-existing electronic Sampling Art in the 1970s. Anton Bruhin wrote: "In the Heldengesänge i conceived each hero speaking a different invented dialect and coming from a different fictional geographical region. I also wanted to give each hero his own music as a companion. I have used various musical materials and played a variety of instruments, but also taken parts from existing musics and manipulated them". Like an anthropologist Anton Bruhin presents this fictional culture inventing its language and music as well as drawing its objects. a hat, a cup, an arm, a flag, a wurst. everyday-life artifacts from an ancient time catalogued with scientific precision. In "11 Heldengesänge und 3 Gedichte", a masterpiece by Anton Bruhin, all is artificial and nothing is real. exactly like in our contemporary world. Edition limited to 350 copies, including a large LP-size folded insert with the full Heldengesänge and Gedichte texts as well as a selection of original graphic works." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2014| ALGA MARGHEN | 22.90

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