"There are 8 new titles on Stefan Schwander's latest album "The Blackout Quintet", all composed by the techno dandy himself. This is Schwander's fourth album (not including the 12" CD compilation "Me, the disco machine") under the alias ANTONELLI. The music on "The Blackout Quintet" is best described not just as haunting but as positively ghostly. It is set in the hours of transition between day and night, in that shadowy no man's land from dusk to darkness or darkness to dawn. This emphasis on time and time passing is reflected not just in the music but in the titles of the tracks themselves: After the night, The morning, The quiet night, Gespenster (ghosts). And to project day and night metaphor onto the techno or club context, the music could be said to belong somewhere between dancefloor and after-hours, or even to that private zone after after-hours when the party is over and you're floating gently back to reality. ANTONELLI's dreamy melodies create feelings of abandon and paranoia at the same time. In two pieces (Topaz, The Wave), the intensity of the music is generated by a symphonic, feedback-like wall of sound, which builds up in layer upon insistent layer. Other tracks on "The Blackout Quintet" (e.g. After the night) recall the music of Angelo Badalamenti. Antonelli is also very active on the remix front, and has cooperated with Michael Mayer, Freestyle Man, Farben, Lawrence, Steve Bug, Ego Express, Elektro Musik Department, Oliver Hacke, Error Error, Mondo Grosso to name but a few." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2005| ITALIC | 12.90

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