""Musik Wozu" translates to "why music" or "music, what for"- The album is not another contemporary piano piece trivializing the airwaves, it is not a compliant sound structure collapsing like milk froth on cold coffee. This is music coming into being, a minimalism born from intuition. On his debut for Düsseldorf based Hauch Records Antonio d. Luca renders pluripotency into a shape of intertwining opposites, thus refering to its graphic notation. One of his songs is a creedal dedication to the american composer Morton Feldman: nothing short of a commitment to friction and experiment - in order to push musical boundaries beyond convention and mere reproduction. Melancholy freezes. The track "Anopera" omits the cliche of urban beats, and instead lingering rhythm thaws - but this glacial stream silently and abruptly runs dry, only for "Mr.Universum" to majestically pace the sanctum. "Ascending A Staircase" appears as a counter to Duchamp's "Nude Descending a staircase" or Richter's "Ema (Nude on a staircase)": From the swirl of the saxophone a sharp image arises, one of a colorful, complex dream." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2016| HAUCH | 18.90

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