"The Massacre of the Egos" represents one of the most adventurous albums in the history of Australian improvised music. Take five exceptional musicians and put them in a pressure cooker situation and see what results. Fortunately those five musicians are Scott Tinkler, John Rodgers, Philip Rex, Ken Edie and the legendary Paul Grabowsky. Even though each musician has played together in different groups in the past, this was the first time this quintet as a whole had played and improvised together. The experience, in the words of Scott Tinkler, was an "Intense exploration of ideas" where "Ego is put up as collateral and it is confronted and dealt with on many levels by the others at hand". The outcome is nothing short of miraculous! "The Massacre of the Egos" heralds another milestone in improvised music and shows the Antripodean Collective are more than capable of exploring the boundaries of music." (label info)
in stock | AU| 2007| EXTREME | 7.90

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