special offer "Anworth Kirk casts a spellbinding sixth Pre-Cert edition with this mystic invocation of eldritch ritual music. Divining inspiration from myriad and disparate fake-loric sources - Egyptology, drug abuse, Early Freemasonry, Carnatic music, Oramics in Ardwick, Kommune Pop and Letterist actions, to name a few - our protagonist projects dank and discomforting electro-acoustic psych-scapes quite unlike anything already in circulation. Reclaimed fragments of degenerated 2nd class sound are dredged from silty memory banks, soaked in ether and draped across a skeletal framework of possessed percussions and concrète bridges, plotting a labyrinthine course through hallucinatory interzones seldom travelled by the sane of mind. Alchemical formulations of sampled textures catalyse noxious atmospheres; unheimlich apparitions bypass liminal dimensions making connections between Electric Smithsonian releases and primitive mechanical industry, muddying the waters of sonic fiction until it's too dense to make sense of anything. Parts of this disc are presented in both Stereo and Mono and it is to be played at 45rpm with a low gram stylus pressure." (label info) Limited edition of 700 copies.
in stock | UK| 2012| PRE-CERT HOME ENTERTAINM. | 14.90

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