"Widely regarded as a masterpiece, it's fair to say that SAW 85-92 had such an effect in 1992 (when it was first released) that it changed the lives of many and gave a whole new outlook on techniques and rhythms for electronic music, taking it out of a party scenario and straight into homes and radio stations across the land. Gently weaving itself in and out of the mind, it's very hard not to get completely lost in the album, from the uplifting peak time trance melodies on the opening track 'Xtal' to the wonderful chill-out vibe of 'Ageispolis', the detailed and classic 'We are the music makers' and the Detroit influenced 'Ptolemy', SAW 85-92 will have you hooked from the start to the finish. Acid peaks and beautifully subtle soothers are laid out in a whole range of styles and BPM's, with each making total sense as both a piece of music and in it's position on the tracklisting. It's full of psychedelic wisdom and exquisiteness." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2013| R&S/APOLLO | 28.90

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