"16 Songs revised by ARBEIT (Oliver Augst, Marcel Daemgen and Christoph Korn) with Roderich Gold, Alfred23Harth, Ali Neander, Bernhard Reiß, Christoph Seipel. ARBEIT does not so much follow the old Brecht-Eisler-Diseuse tradition, but the Frankfurt trail specifically. After all, Heiner Goebbels and Alfred Harth got to grips with Brecht and Eisler in a big way in "Four Fists for Hanns Eisler" and Bertolt Brecht - Time is Running out) several years ago. A /D/G carry on in this tradition and take the work in a new direction at the same time. The link between commerce and acoustic art which moulds this concept album is deliberate and makes the outcome delightful. It stands out from the flood of traditional work in Brecht and Eisler's anniversary year. Avantgarde U-music with electronically reinforced hooks, which is catapulting a supposedly dusty duo (Brecht/Eisler) to the forefront of the digital age. One of the trio's points of reference of is the work that Heiner Goebbels and Alfred Harth did on the same theme with some of the same materials at the start of the 80s. It is also a synthesis of Brecht and Eisler's last material in the form of today's pop music. Once again it becomes clear that Brecht and Eisler fit so well with the trash culture of today." (label info) Back in stock.
in stock | DE| 1999| TEXTXTND | 13.90

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