ARBEIT are Oliver Augst, Marcel Daemgen und Christoph Korn. Guests: Rüdiger Carl (accordeon), Chris Cutler (drums), Thomas Dézsy (piano), Michaela Ehinger (spoken words), Alexandra Maxeiner (vocals), Georg Wolf (double bass). "Schumann and Eichendorff, Schubert, Brahms, Uhland, Mörike, Wolf, Wagner, Rückert and Mahler. At first glance it is the 'big names' of German Romanticism that Oliver Augst, Marcel Daemgen and Christoph Korn - the artists' collective ARBEIT from Frankfurt am Main - have interpreted along with fellow musicians. But how strange it sounds. What emerges from these texts and songs we thought we knew is largely free from sentimentality, gloss and romanticisation of any kind. It is, rather, an experience of self and of the world, which has little comfort. Those who speak here seem raw, and draw close. The filters, buffers and protection mechanisms normal to us are completely foreign to them, it seems. For the Frankfurt artists, the collected highlights of classical romantic songs, loved by every concert-goer, are the result of a filtering process. What emerges is a foundation. ARBEIT have musically dissected the body of songs, leaving the melodies close to the original but reorganising the instrumental foundations. Some songs are products and documents of electronic means and media, others are the result of a shift to another genre. Schumann's Mondnacht (Moonlitnight), Brahms's Heimkehr (Homecoming), Haydn's Tod und Schlaf (Death and Sleep) can even be seen as miniatures of the art of sound; they are created on a background of sound: whistling frequencies, the beat of electronic drums. Other titles have in the background a trio arrangement of double bass, drums, and piano; not that the results are like jazz, but Hugo Wolf, Brahms or Wagner do move away a little from the introverted classical song to the tighter, more sophisticated chanson. Comfort and hope: possible counterstatements, are scarce on this CD, which is, similar to earlier productions An den deutschen Mond or Marx, a concept album. What is striven for here is not a naïve, prettified sound, which uses popular hits and sounds at climactic moments. It is not about a new deadening of the pain; it is utopian enough today to shine a light in the fog in order to see reality again." (Frank Kämpfer)
in stock | DE| 2001| TEXTXTND | 13.90

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