"At last, we are happy that this vast enterprise is finally released. Basically, it was a challenge: ask to 13 composers around the world to create a piece for Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles - directed by Jean-Paul Dessy (but founded by Henri Pousseur in 1962). From Europa, USA or Japan, try to explore the compositional frame of today's creators and not only in the well-known 'comtemporary scene' but to push further the boundary and discover the unexpected result of some of the greatest names of the today's electronic world." (label info) Feat. Kasper T.Toeplitz, David Shea, Horatio Radulescu, Ryoi Ikeda, Gerard Hourbette, Fausto Romitelli, Jean-Paul Dessy and many more." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | BE| 2006| SUB ROSA | 21.90

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