"Artificial Memory Trace is the long standing musical project of Slavek Kwi. His works are precise combinations of restructured (mostly) environmental sounds, where the notions of perception, sensation, cognition, and ultimately reality are questioned, notably through the use of musique concrète techniques and graphics scores, sometimes combined with elements of performance. What Artificial Memory Trace proposes here is two sides of "decomposed and recomposed" landscapes and details, mostly centred around the Boto also known as Amazon River Dolphin or Pink Dolphin. Just as the Boto is rumoured to undergo human-like transformations, most of this record is about transformation: sounds are isolated, cut, scaled up or down, modified and finally reassembled in a delicate and quite peaceful collage. Slowly twirling around its object, time is taken to examine and explore the environment, including all other sound sources, creating a cubist perspective which is thoroughly unfolded. At times enigmatic, intimate and pastoral, it is a work that will slowly reveal its nuances. For those who need to know, the liner notes include extensive descriptions of the source sounds and a short essay on metamorphic animals. 250 copies, hand numbered." (label info)
in stock | BE| 2011| m-/m-| INI.ITU | 15.01

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