special offer "A work of contemporary music performed in the rock idiom by Japanese underground rock legend, Asahito Nanjo. Nanjo is active in a wide variety of rock groups, but Group Musica exits in order to pursue a more universal musical vibration. Group Musica is an ensemble that pursues the free use of every type of Western and Eastern musical instrument, is propelled by the vibrations of very subtle rhythms, and that has internalized the methodology of minimalism. The concept behind this album is transform KAGURA, an ancient form of Japanese music and dance that was performed for the gods, and is to convert the ideas of "Secret teachings" and ancient Chinese methods of divination (the I-Ching) into a metaphysics of musical vibrations. The concept of KAGURA allows Group Musica to create a unique work that is an experimental symphonic composition, which nonetheless has many rich improvisatory elements. In this unique work, the symbolic/philosophical nature of ancient esotericism is incorporated as improvisation, while the I-Ching is related to avant-garde symphonics. These are then fused into a total concept. Many different musicians from various genres participate in Group Musica, but their contributions are filtered through Nanjo's musical sense and thus altered, fused and structured. It is for this reason that remain anonymous - Group Musica exists as a total entity. Recorded in 1993 & 1994, this album is a colossal long studio works which has necessitated more than 400 overdubbings. An extraordinary adventure in sounds and the most astonishing musical project by High Rise's leader!" (label info)
in stock | FR| 2004| vg+/m-| FRACTAL | 10.00

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