"Ascoltare presents B E A M, a two part project inspired my minimal body jack music, Ufology and Exo Politics. The first part (captured on 250 12" black disks) features 5 tracks of sub techno/house/dub/some other type related music, as does the second part, which comes available as a free download from a purpose built Myspace page ( BEAM's opener 'Exo On Ferric' references minimal sounds (as purveyed by the likes of R&S, Basic Channel and Richie Hawtin), and administers varying touches of the sorta beats Ilpo Vaisanen (Raster Noton/Sahko) rocks on his hoppingly good Kangaroo output. Further jacking is appropriated throughout, but none so minimal and club orientated as this. 'Semjase in Excelsis' ventures into more uptempo swing, combining anthemic dubstep style skank with stretched out house grooves. On the B-Side, 'Asket's Ship' earmarks Cosmic Italo Disco sounds and paints pictures of Beam-Ship interiors, whilst 'Flatwoods' uses experimental dub textures to highlight the Flatwoods Monster case (as introduced by Stanton Friedman). 'Sky Fishing' ends the LP in phuture Afro Beat style; cyclic thumbed melodies spin continuously and point towards Ascoltare's love of afrobeat type fronting. Mastered at the infamous D&M studios / Berlin, this record is beautifuly strange, you need this!" (label info)
in stock | UK| 2007| TRIPEL | 8.90

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