"Fair at the top of the summit vis. English underground noise/ collage aesthetix, Ashtray Navigations is the solo outfit of young Phil Todd, our man from Leeds. His work sounds like little sculptures of found sound and objet trouve, kept together by plaster and tape, all frayed at the edges, warped and buckled under heat, and then re-shaped into these fantastically alien configurations. Five tracks on The "End-of-the-Pier" Vault, the first four fly by in about two minutes, the final track a seven-minute bleeder for overloaded guitars, tape scraps, altogether an unholy din the likes of which we here at Worlds of Possibility whole- heartedly approve of. In other words, a real keeper." (Jon Dale) numbered edition of 500 copies, with insert. special offer!
in stock | DE| 2000| TONSCHACHT | 3.90

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