"This is the second, revised and expanded edition of our book about the music of german electronics composer ASMUS TIETCHENS. the book has been carefully edited by kai u. juergens. the language of the text is GERMAN with a few exceptions (the discography and some essays are in english). the book is roughly din a4 in size, b/w, colour cover. the book includes: - introductory texts by kai u. juergens, okko bekker and till kniola - four ficticious texts about "professor tietchens" by ditterich von euler-donnersperg - eight essays by asmus tietchens that appeared in various journals in the last 10 years - essays and short texts on asmus tietchens by guido sprenger, marcel bayer, vidna obmana, jon mueller, kai u. juergens, till kniola - the section "aus gespraechen", compiled from different interviews with asmus tietchens - a fully commentated discography (in english) up to december 2005, giving full track info, explanations and background info (i.e. instruments used, etc.) - an index of all tracks and releases - a bibliography - the 70 minute audio cd "verstreutes 2" including 16 tracks from tape and cd compilations from 1984-1995." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2006| AUF ABWEGEN | 39.90

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