"Two pieces - unfocussed in every aspect - featuring blurring conmtours, spooled out harmonies and barely recogniozable melodies frame an extreme minimal, almost static pice ion teh centre. A piece of harsh, shrp-edges transparency. If this were not the music of a phantastic nightlyx gathering, a soirée fantastque, one could liken these sounds to be signifiers of the setting we name the soft core inside a hard shell - only in reverse. To know that this saying is as paradox as there cannot be a soft core might proof to be life-safing." (A. Tietchens) 5"CD in full colour digipak carton sleeve and printed inner sleeve. CD is off-set printed in half-metallized format, all designed by Asmus Tietchens.
in stock | DE| 2016| AUF ABWEGEN | 9.90

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