"Welcome to Astral Social Club: your MC is British avant-garde guru Neil Campbell. Put on your dancing shoes, because this is hallucinating, intergalactic trance music of the highest order and it's about to take off. The up-beat, cosmic vibes of Campbell's first terrestrial voyages aboard the drone/krautrock ship were already very impressive, but with Astral Social Club he sets sail for the stars. While listeners may recognise the earthy kraut rock rhythms, the compelling, minimalist drones and a few catchy pop melodies, Astral Social Music is entirely of itself. This soundtrack for the ultimate trip surges, pounds, vibrates, swings, pulsates and sucks on your subconscious; its organic music breathes in and out like a shrinking and expanding universe. 'Sieben Stax' is packed in the beautiful 'envelope' packaging, designed and handprinted by Jason Dodge & Christine Roland, a one-off pressing of 250 copies." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2008| BOTTROP-BOY | 14.90

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