"Atom TM returns to No. with Texturen III, the third chapter of his Texturen series, following 2016's second volume. Continuing in the vein of that release, Texturen III is a long-form singular 54-minute slice of audio output picking up where he left off. The music is at once familiar and feels at home as part of the series, yet Atom TM massages his own mold and pushes things further into your future, resulting in an album that goes light years beyond what might lazily be labeled as "drone" or "ambient". Rather, Texturen III weaves and winds through landscapes of the mind that touch on all points of the emotional spectrum, from caustic to convivial, all with the inimitable standard of production and mathematical superiority we've come to expect from Atom TM." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2018| NO. | 16.90

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