"Audiac, a duo, located in Tübingen and Hamburg, made up of Alexander Wiemer van Veen and Niklas David, promise their listeners an enormous amount. Each song is a journey into sound, each strophe - a sonic adventure, each refrain - dreamlike. This we know of Audiac. Their debut album of 14 years ago "Thank You for Not Discussing the Outside World" was a unique immersion in sound - it earned the band a stable ranking on's renowned list. 14 years later, Audiac are bathing in sound again, with their second album, produced again by Hans Joachim Irmler. "The years pass by, we kept on tinkering. In a world where record sales no longer count for anything, then really it is just about the best possible artistic work. We surprised ourselves when, all of a sudden, we held the finished album in our hands," said Niklas David who lives and works in Hamburg composing melodies and soundscapes only to be heard on Audiac discs. Alexander Wiemer van Veen: "In Tübingen, I'd often rehearse a song with the guitar, but always only send Niklas the song melody - from it he would build into it quite different melodies, completely new sound worlds, around my song. In turn, I would comment musically - this is the way we sent our music files to-and-fro - for a decade." The result is "So Waltz" - an absurd wordplay - ten musical diamonds that grow with each listening. The choruses, piano scores, horn phrases, distorted organ melodies, not least Alexander van Veen's sententious voice, all combine to a far greater whole." (label info) comes in gatefold sleeve, with download code
in stock | DE| 2017| KLANGBAD | 18.90

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