"Onwards! In music, as well as in art, the question of how to progress is always in the foreground. Digital evolution has changed everything, not least the way we live. But do we really want to live as this new world proposes and attempt to ingratiate ourselves? Or do the eternal questions about love, time and meaning remain the main centrifugal forces from which one should better remain undistracted? The debut album by the Berliner duo AUF, consisting of the lyricist, composer, guitarist and singer Anne Rolfs and the drummer Mathias Brendel, is entitled GETIMED. For a long time, there has not been a German-language debut album by a band that uses such lyrical reduction in the attempt to summarize everything that is possible on an interpersonal level in electric shocks and energy discharges in so few words, and bring our thoughts into disarray through their persistent, mantra-like repetition. Reduction in word and sound is the key to GETIMED and the sonic architecture of AUF. From a musical standpoint, the idea of a rock band can hardly be further and more definitively condensed than as it is by Anne Rolfs and Mathias Brendel in their adept combination of electric guitar and acoustic drums and the somnambulistically confident manner each of the ten songs. Cathartically the chords, solos, overtones and bass lines that Rolfs lures out of her Gibson Les Paul overlap with breathtaking skill - always recorded in one take and without overdubs or and subsequent digital correction during post-production. Her hypnotic melodies and power chords interact with the intricate adornments and, above all, the brutal tour de force of Mathias Brendel. The result of this symbiotic interaction is a completely new, immensely passionate rock sound." (label info) CD version comes in digipack with 36pp. booklet, texts in english, french and german
in stock | DE| 2018| KLANGBAD | 14.90

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