AUN - UTICA (7")

"Behind AUN we find Montreal's Martin Dumais, a long time activist in the Canadian scene. With AUN he has already released 3 solo albums on ORAL, and lately the acclaimed Motorsleep on ALIEN8. The sound of AUN is a marriage between very harmonic/emotional drones and distorted machine-power, between sensibility and noise-strength, usually based on guitar sound-sources. The two pieces on his DRONE EP show his melancholic side. The material on the A-Side ("Utica") is still very expansive and builds an impressive suspense curve, but especially the B-Side " Lelehudah" is full of touching & yearnful harmonic structures, a majestic dance of polyphonic overtones." (label info) white vinyl
in stock | DE| 2010| DRONE | 7.70

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