"A collection of tracks exploring the raw extrusion of the human condition. Bringing together early works, Detached Metal Voice is characterised by an abstract narrative exploring the anxiety of disconnected elements striving to find connection in a world of digital communication. AT&T voiceovers provide threads of psychological association, rhythmic neo-classical arrangements and noise electronic jazz improvisations provide the backdrop. Many experimental techniques are in place within the creative process of these tracks. Laboratory sinewave oscillators sweep through many of the tracks, tones are produced from simple homemade synthesisers. There is a homage to voice synthesis including excerpts taken from many of the early laboratory attempts to produce the human voice through the mode of synthesis, including work pioneered by Philip Rubin from the Haskins Laboratories, Tom Baer, and Paul Mermelstein." (label info) Comes in cardboard sleeve.
in stock | UK| 2010| AUDIOBULB | 9.90

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