"On the long-lived lands of a wild country, Aymeric de Tapol tightens his microphone, to keep a sound track of the phenomena which surround him. Wind, thunderstorm, rain, snow? After a bucolic introduction at the edge of river, it is under the barrage of humming basses, of dusty showers, that he releases striking images, words were cut by a radio voice. The sky scolds, leaving then behind him the twinkling and generous landscapes of Dentrites or Frozen Tones. Six long pieces pull Aymeric de Tapol in best sound: economic arrangements, simple centrings which leave to narrative compositions taking the influence on "the fieldrecording effect". The grips buzz in a quite at once ample, deep way, but also celestial and melodic. The fright and the dissonances, the echos and the organic masses, the symbolism means - ageuse of the sound and Microsound, its album invites us above all to rediscover the earth by listening to the singing of stars... far off." (label info)
in stock | BE| 2011| TSUKU BOSHI | 12.90

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