"The second release in the "Spielwiese" ("playground") series, brought into existence by Klangbad, demonstrates the unusual case of a group of distinctively individualistic individuals who have succeeded - as collective - in recording a conclusive, unperturbed and powerful album of exceptional style. The name of the band project is made up of the initials of their names. B.I.L.L. are: Clive Bell - undogmatic world musician and recognized authority and virtuoso on the shakuhachi, the ney, and other flutes and chengs - especially those from Arabian-Asiatic regions. Hans Joachim Irmler - a krautrock and electronic-music pioneer (as a founding member of Faust); an audio extremist who creates atonally whirring streaks of sound made from landscapes of organs, humorous melody and harmonized drones of a physical nature. Jaki Liebezeit - forty years ago he gained international recognition as drummer of Can. And even today he remains a self-renewing and innovative percussionist. Bass drum and hi-hat haven't belonged to his kit for many a moon. Robert Lippok - a man in his mid-forties, who may be out-gunned year-wise by his three team-mates, but certainly in no other respects. Since 1995, he's been the guitar player and in-house expert on electronics for To Rococo Rot. His specialities are loops and microscopically precise textures." (label info) Silkscreened Cover, incl. full album on CD. Limited to 1000 copies.
in stock | DE| 2011| KLANGBAD | 16.90

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