"Bad Statistics were formed in Wellington (New Zealand) in late 2005 as a much-needed noise-band jam outlet for its constituents. There had been several collaborations between the players previously, but this constellation was quite unique. The band exists out of Thebis Mutante (singer, and in New Zealand not an unimportant improv sax player), Mark Williams (guitarist in several underground groups like The Idle Suite (Last Visible Dog)), Johannes Contag (drummer en assembled Static, played previously with Cloudboy), Justin Barr (bass and more known as a drummer in the garage-fuzz-rock scene) and Torben Tilly (organ player, mr tone generator and member of Minit). The defining elements are quickly outlined: drone, pulse, rant. Add to that a penchant for garage rock to offset the group's improvisational approach, and the scene is very much set for Bad Statistics. Because of the band's unconstrained and exploratory nature, the sounds of Static are often quite associative: Psychedelic trance meets noisecore. Motoric krautrock meets Voodoo despot. Peter Gutteridge meets David Thomas and they attempt to build a nuclear bomb. Flying Saucer Attack are playing a Black Sabbath tribute night..." (label info)
in stock | BE| 2007| K-RAA-K | 11.90

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