"Baleine 3000 is a band with three members: DJ Afrojaws from designgroup Qubo Gas in Lille/France, MC Illreme from Tokyo/Japan and producer Laurent Baudoux from Brussels/Belgium. The Tour Manager CD compiles former vinyl-only releases, new tracks and, as a bonus, the songs featuring MC Illreme from Sun OK Papi K.O.'s Orchestre Philharmonok, released in 2006 on CD. The Tour Manager CD, originally released on occasion of a Japan tour in 2010, now for the first time available on western markets. Laurent Baudoux, known for his membership in Scratch Pet Land (with his younger brother DJ Elephant Power), as leader of the notorious Fan Club Orchestra, as DJ and Producer Sun OK Papi K.O is the head behind the group: The music of Baleine 3000 has a southern wind. You can feel the influences of Baile Funk, African new beat or Miami old school bass music. The BPM's travels between 129 and 140 and the digital gets hot, filled up with MC Illremes indescribable japanese toasting." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2010| SONIG | 9.90

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