REPRESSED !!! "Baleine 3000 is a big sound system, big as a whale. Baleine 3000 is a dangerous crew, a whale that will swallow you. Baleine 3000 has an MC Illreme (Japan, Tokyo), honestly the best japanese MC of this decade. The only guy who risks a stage dive at a two persons audience. Baleine 3000 has a DJ, Afrojaws (France), an awfull DJ who drops and brakes the mix as if he was shoveling a hand of tricked fake pokemon cards. Baleine 3000 has a music producer, SUN OK Papi K.O. aka Laurent Baudoux (Fan Club Orchestra / ex-Scratch Pet Land, Belgium) from the land of New Beat." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2009| SONIG | 10.90

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