"Finally the 1st record of the shooting stars from Cologne! Reggae-Rave-Dub-Punk-Electronica at it´s best on 8 tracks. 2 MCs with the double power of english, german and cologne dialect rocking like dope. The tracks vary between the mentioned styles: sometimes ravy and breakbeat/ jungle orientated; sometimes with a more dubby mood. You should buy this record immediately - it´s great and these guys know the score!" (smash berlin) "bam bam bajasch is a anglo-kölscher ragga-punk, basstard-rave posse from cologne in germany. members are bambam belay, peter mosh, bomb marley, doc d2n8 and luciano sarotti. here is their first debut 12inch vinyl with eight tracks that reaching from dancehall breakbeat to dub raggae to electro punk. vocals are in english, patois, german and cologne slang. some of the dubtracks really sounding like stuff by lkj with sound mashups and cool calm toasting others are more hysterical political agendas shouting that go far to the hiphop or punk edge." (sozialistischer plattenbau)
in stock | DE| 2005| BASSPRÄSIDIUM | 11.90

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